Lenkin Design Is Closed

Our offices are closed indefinitely; thank you for you interest.
Heather is continuing her lifelong pursuit of preserving
our international cultural and historic preservation
through her work with the World Monuments Fund
and the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation.

She also continues to be very actively involved in contributing
scholarships to students to study abroad. She is the
Chair of the Honors College Advisory Board, and a
Trustee at the University of Arizona Foundation.

Please help to support the future of education and
the preservation of our cultural heritage.

Creating internationally-recognized landscapes and landscape design in Los Angeles for over 20 years, Lenkin Design ensures individuality, warmth and charm for any Southern California environment. Landscape Designer Heather Lenkin has created a beautiful environment for her clients from Santa Barbara, Malibu, Los Angeles and Orange County.

Lenkin Design Inc creates award-winning garden designs that combine beauty and history with the guiding principle that design should be contextually appropriate and complement the personalities of our clients. From a cozy outdoor kitchen, an inviting patio and pool, to a perfumed garden for peaceful relaxation, Lenkin Design will take your ideals of landscape design and make them a reality.

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