Learning from the Masters, Part II

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Last week we shared Heather’s visit to the palaces of the Alhambra in Southern Spain, and how she found inspiration not just in the magnificent gardens but also in the refined geometric detailing of Moorish architecture. We mentioned that these … Continue reading

An Informal Rose

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The nice folks over at Houzz.com talked to us about one of our favorite roses, the gorgeous yet practical “Sally Holmes.” They produced a great article which you can read here. And if you haven’t checked out Houzz.com yet, please … Continue reading

Chat Panée

Having our roots in more classical design æsthetics, we are generally not an office to hop onto the latest fads. However, this is one we couldn’t pass up. Mini didn’t seem all that perturbed, putting on an air of Sphinx-like … Continue reading

Learning From the Masters

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The Alhambra is a mighty fortress high atop a hill in southern Spain, built over centuries by the Moors. Behind the imposing battlements lies an intricate maze of lush gardens and delicate architecture. It is a mystical and legendary place, … Continue reading

Foggy Notion

Happy 2012! We hope everyone’s year is off to a promising start. We’ve been busy an a few projects, as well as drafting up plans on how to use the destruction of last month’s windstorms to build an even better … Continue reading

O Tannenbaum

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We’re still cleaning up the mess here after the windstorm. It took a week to get electricity, and two for things like telephones and the internet. So we do feel grateful for these simple things that we normally take for … Continue reading

It’s A Mess…

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Last week, winds reaching almost 100 miles per hour splintered telephone poles and scattered ancient trees everywhere, forever changing the landscape of Los Angeles. Pasadena was one of the worst hit areas, and sadly Lenkin Gardens has lost some its … Continue reading

Floral Welcome

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Just wanted to share this lovely bouquet used to welcome a special visitor. Daylilies, hydrangeas, roses blend in a delicate palette of creams and pale lavender. We’re not quite sure what the geometric dried flower clusters are, but they punctuate … Continue reading

Rainy Day Snail

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The last few days have been a glorious taste of Autumn, with clean, crisp air, and a subtle shift in the color of the afternoon. Oh, and yesterday it poured rain all day. Anyway, the new moisture has delighted the … Continue reading

Cocoa Coordinates

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We were just minding our own business, selecting fabrics for an outdoor living room and custom daybed, when a French friend (and client) dropped by with gifts… Such a harmonious intersection of design and edibles really should happen more often … Continue reading

Pasadena Craftsman Interiors

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A little while ago, we started work on a Pasadena Craftsman home, not far from our office. We had such a great time working with our client on a complete makeover of the front and back that they asked if … Continue reading

Oops…We Did It Again

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Introducing Elizabeth, the latest troublemaker to join the crew here. “Bessie” is a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel with a sunny personality and plenty of energy to explore the world. Hilarity shall surely ensue… Of course, the cat isn’t exactly thrilled … Continue reading