Project Nosegay

Last week saw a mini fashion show at Lenkin Design: the runway was the dining room table and the models were floral centerpieces! Designed by Tommy Farmer Studios in Pasadena, these elegant beauties were vying to strut their stuff at a wedding reception… which one would the bride choose?

Farmer employed a range of shapes and textures to explore the palette of soft pinks and creams favored by the bride. The delicate textures of nascent hyacinths and viburnum complement peonies, ranunculus, and English garden roses, with tube roses and French tulips contributing upward motion.

After careful consideration, the bride and her advisory panel agreed that there was only one logical choice: all of them! With each contestant so graceful and gorgeous, it was to difficult, and unnecessary, to choose only one. So, once in a while, everyone gets to win!

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